Amalfi Coast

Planning a Euro Trip to Italy? Then do include Italy’s Sorrentine peninsula (also known as the Amalfi Coast) on your itinerary! The peninsula is famous for some very beautiful and touristy towns like Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Praiano….One of the most famous amongst them is Positano, where the rich like to holiday. They say “Amalfi is the poor man’s Positano”, and that’s how Amalfi nudged its way amongst all these towns into our itinerary 🙂

Amalfi is the largest town on this coastline, but in itself is is fairly small and can be covered end to end within a day or so. But because its fairly centrally situated, you can plan for day trips to other nearby towns (our favorite being Ravello), through the inexpensive local buses.

A map of the Amalfi Coast made on ceramic

2 Minute Trip Planner

  • Ideal Time: 3-4 days
  • Don’t Miss:
    • EAT & DRINK
      • Fresh lemon juice from the Amalfi Lemons
      • Limoncello: Amalfi’s famous lemon liquor. They come in some really cute packaging and make for a great gift to take back home!
    • DO
      • Visit Ravello for the breathtaking sight and beautiful flowers
      • Explore the local ceramic market at Ravello- from salt and pepper shakers to entire coffee table tops made of ceramics!
      • Explore the quaint little boutiques at Sorrento
      • Google maps should be your best friend here- check it before leaving your hotel, because the narrow Amalfi roads get completely blocked if there is any breakdown/accident
      • Don’t expect beautiful beaches on this coast town- we were disappointed, but the breath-taking cliffs made up for the lack of beaches
      • Carry your own packed food! Amalfi is a very small town and its hard enough to find vegetarian food, forget vegan! These is cheese on everything, most Gelatos are milk based, and 90% of the menu of most restaurants is sea food
    • Trip Cost for 2 (including airfare)
      • Make Amalfi a part of your Italy trip. Our 11 day trip across France and Italy cost INR 2.5 Lacs ( ~3750 USD)_DSC0153


Day 1: Amalfi Town

Amalfi cost is a relaxed little town, that gives you an insiders view of the Italian culture, like no other popular tourist hotspot in Italy does. We went to Amalfi at the end of a 11 day packed euro-trip, with the intention of simply relaxing and unwinding- an objective we sure did achieve! For us, Amalfi was tad hard to get to. As budget travelers, we couldn’t afford the price the flights to Amalfi demanded, so we took the trenitalia from Rome to Salerno, and then one of the most adventurous bus rides to Amalfi. (the tickets to the local buses are available right outside the Salerno station and can’t be bought in advance). The bus ride from Salerno to Amalfi is simply BREATHTAKING with some amazing views of the cliffs; and what fascinated us the most was the way people drive in Amalfi..yes we are from Delhi in India, notorious across the world for its driving style, but even WE were unnerved with the way Italians drove at Amalfi! Narrow roads, steep cliffs, and cars zooming by so close that you can’t afford to have your side view mirrors open! 😉 For those planning to drive down to Amalfi, enjoy the lovely sea breeze, but do be prepared to pay heft parking fees EVERYWHERE you go!

To put this picture into perspective- we clicked this from the window of our bus! Which means this bus was coming from the opposite side of the road- both the drivers had to pull in their side view mirrors to be able to cross the narrow path simultaneously ! Oh and did I mention that one side of the road was a steep cliff?!

Given the narrow cliff side roads at Amalfi coast, distances take longer to cover. Also, since its a small town, big city advantages of easy access to eateries and other goods can be a challenge. So look for a place to stay at the heart of the town. We stayed at Hotel De Cavelieri.

The main Amalfi market is in Amalfi town. It is a vibrant place that would attract us every evening. Eateries, a large church, children running helter skelter, and shops selling fashion accessories, ceramics and the local Amalfi lemon liquor, lemon soaps etc, we simply loved the vibrance and energy this place exuded. Another reason to stay close to Amalfi town is that it is fairly centrally located on the Amalfi coast with all other places worth visiting, at almost equal distances on either side of the Amalfi town. Also, it is convenient to get the tourist bus from here. Another option to consider staying at while in Amalfi is Ravello. Its not as centrally located, but it is just so beautiful!


Once in Amalfi, the first thing that strikes you is the amazing Lemon farms- every house hold seems to have their own private lemon farm. Yes you can look, but you can’t pluck!

A typical market on the Amalfi Coast- lemons everywhere!
Thats a strawberry kept next to the Amalfi lemons!

Depending on where you want to go on a particular day, you could either choose to walk, rent a cycle or use on of the tourist buses, some of which are open roof, providing you not only a complete view of the amazing scenery, but also the fresh Amalfi air. If you plan to drive down to Amalfi, be prepared for heavy parking duties and some courageous driving!

A glimpse of the ceramic market at Amalfi and Ravello

_DSC0316Day 2: Ravello

Oh Ravello! I think of it and the first thing that comes to my mind are the flowers!! Writer Andre Gide once said “Ravello is nearer the sky than the sea”, and we can’t agree more! Almost all locals I met considered Ravello the most beautiful town in the coastline. Set at an altitude, Ravello offers a stunning view of the entire Amalfi cost. The small town of Ravello can easily be explored on foot. Ravello has to its credit a beautiful church, some lovely walled houses with their beautiful colorful flowers and lemon farms. Visit the garden at Villa Cimbrone. And yes, if you were to do ceramic shopping at Amalfi, the Ravello is the place!

Flowers everywhere at Ravello!



Day 3: Sorrento

Sorrento is about an hour’s drive from Amalfi Town. We took the local bus to head into Sorrento. The place can quite backed during the high tourist season (summer months), but since we went in spring, its was not overly crowded. Sorrento is known for its quaint little boutiques which make for an amazing shopping/window shopping experience. Since this town sits high on the cliff, it gets you some of the most breathtaking views of the coastline (our feature image for this post was clicked from Sorrento)

Amalfi Coast adds a very unique dimension to the typical Venice- Florence- Rome- Naples Italy trip. So when booking that trip, push in another 3-4 days and hit this coastline- you wont be disappointed!



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