Why South Africa Needs to be at the Top of your Travel Bucketlist

South Africa has been our No 1 destination in the world for many years now- and retaining its position post our visiting Iceland is no mean feat. Here is why we think South Africa should be the very next country you visit!


1. There is something for everybody

Kids get to enjoy the sightings of animals at Kruger National Park, and the penguins at Simons Town, and enjoy the fun filled Cape Town beaches

Young couples looking for a romantic getaway will enjoy the vineyards in Stellenbosch and Franchoek, the mesmerizing sunset at Cape Town and the lovely drive through Chapman’s Peak

Adventurists and Solo Travellers will experience adrenaline rush like no other going for a sunrise safari or lion-walk at Kruger, cage diving with the Great White Sharks, Bungee jumping from Bloukrans Bridge, hike the Table Mountain, partying at V&A Waterfront

Older folks will enjoy the calm sunset at Camps Bay, the evening walk at V&A waterfront, the history at Jo’burg (apartheid movement) , the drive down to Cape of Good Hope

Nature Lovers will see species of plants on streets that you would see in museums and special gardens, animals that you have seen only in textbooks, landscape that changes every 50 miles



2. Its is sooooooo economical!

Not only is the South African Rand a weaker currency than most other key currencies, even for us (we were earning in INR and 5 INR =1 Rand) for whom the currency was 5 times more expensive the place seemed super affordable. I am talking 3$ bottles of wine and 5$ for a meal for two at Cape Town

Just look at the prices on that menu! Translates to ~5$ for tasting ~6 wines paired with 3 chocolates!

3. Half your bucket list will be checked-off

South Africa is that kind of place…. Each day will be COMPLETELY different from the previous and you will end up checking off a lot of items on your bucketlist at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere in the world

Taking the Plunge!
Taking the plunge!

4. You will stand-out on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat sharing your Nat-Geo like moments

Yes! While all your friends are busy taking selfies in front of Eiffel Tower, you take one in front of jackass penguins! While you friends click pictures with caged Tigers and Elephants in Thailand (not to mention the cruelty), you click pictures with a whole heard of them out in the wild!



5. You will have crazy stories to tell for the rest of your life

Imagine telling your friends you were in a cage in a sea infested with the Great White Sharks, or that you spot some of the rarest birds on earth- so rare that you had to report the sighting to forest officials, or that you were stuck in a traffic jam because a tortoise was crossing the road, or that a group of baby-bush stole your dinner! Epic!

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