Refugee- A Poem

I knocked on the door, the flower had me at its scarlet color
Mine were burgundy, you see
And we just had a few, but that garden had a million
I wanted just a drop from the sea

I knocked on the door, I would get one I was sure
So the denial I did not understand
“But that’s what fences are for” she said, you deserve much less
You are different, with your kind I don’t share

But being different was no insult, it made one ‘special’ is what I had learnt
So why was I then turned away
How I envied the privileged birds, they took a suckle to quench their thirst
From that scarlet flower that seemed so far away

I grew older, as did my desires, and that shameless destiny grew more unfair
Some got bouquets, some got flowers, but I, not even a petal
I asked for no moon or no stars,
Just one of those abundant scarlet flowers
But they said there weren’t enough to share

No I wouldn’t’ beg, no I wouldn’t steal, I would earn it fair and square
But the barbed wires and the fences
Mighty and ruthless like their owners
Cast me and my kind away

The hurt gnawed at my chest, that prejudice did its job best
And the boundaries that made us different grew thicker
But the refuge befriended me when I sought it
In my mother’s arms, on my friend’s shoulder, in my lover’s deep embrace
Making up for fairness that life snatched away

The noise, it deafened; The smoke, it choked
It is the scarlet from which I now run away
On my hands, on my clothes, stained with memories of my loved ones
Unleashing the terror of humanity and its merciless hate

My dreams are scarlet, it devoured my mother, my friend, my lover.
Now where do I seek refuge?
So I knock and I knock on the neighbors’ doors
The indifference shakes me to my roots

Unaware of my plight, they look at me in spite
From where did this malevolence arise?
I beg and I plead, that ruthless scarlet’s chasing me!
But I was different, I got no asylum
Refuge was not mine to be

It consumed me entire, it engulfed me whole
The scarlet bore me no mercy
But I am not ready yet, to knock on heaven’s door!
Because I am still different, I plead guilty
I’m scared! What if heaven also refuses to open its doors for me?

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